Poetsch Immobilien

We see ourselves as a service provider in the real estate industry with a high level of professional competence and strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our company philosophy: Success through satisfied customers!

About us

Our longstanding expertise in the real estate industry enable us to implement your individual wishes in the best possible way and to meet your needs. It is our top priority to bring you together with your dream property - on a trustful basis and in compliance with the highest standards.
Target group-specific service for buyers & sellers or tenants & landlords, whether from the private or commercial sector, as well as for property developers or investors, are part of our daily business. Cooperation with banks and financial service providers, lawyers and notaries, as well as with other brokerage companies (keyword: A-Meta) guarantee the highest level of efficiency.
We process your inquiries confidentially, goal-oriented and factually and create a detailed requirement profile for you personally. Trust in our competence!




We specialize in:

  • Brokerage of real estate (renting/ leasing/ sale)
  • Property management
  • Valuation of properties (market value appraisal or a market value estimate)


We offer you a wide range of offers in all matters relating to real estate. But even if you just want to know what your house could be worth - we will be happy to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to your request!


Poetsch Immobilien

Ing.   Bernhard Poetsch

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Konzessionierter Immobilientreuhänder, Vermittlung von Immobilien, Projektbetreuung, Hausverwaltung, Wertermittlung von Immobilien, Gutachter

Ms. Caroline Poetsch

Persons in charge

Mr. Alexander Ecker
Gebietsmanager Oberösterreich

E a.eckerAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at
Mr. Günter Steininger
Gebietsmanager OÖ

Ihr Ansprechpartner für Großobjekte in Österreich und Deutschland. Wohnimmobilien in den Bezirken Vöcklabruck, Gmunden, Ried im Innkreis, Braunau

Ing.  Thomas Poetsch, M.A.

E t.poetschAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at
Mr. Robert Kirchgassner
Gebietsleiter Salzburg-Flachgau

Ms. Carina Szybalski
Gebietsleiterin Salzburg

E c.szybalskiAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für die Gebiete Salzburg, Kärnten, Oberösterreich, Bayern-Berchtesgaden

Mr. Björn Wenner
Immobilienfachberater Salzburg

Ms. Bettina Bizien
Immobilienfachberaterin Steiermark/SBG

E b.bizienAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at
Matthias Greisberger
Mr. Matthias Greisberger
Gebietsleiter Salzburg-Flachgau

Nina Caroline  Wenner
Ms. Nina Caroline  Wenner
Immobilienfachberaterin Salzburg/OÖ

E n.wennerAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at
Ms. Stefanie  Thaler
Immobilienfachberaterin OÖ

Dr.  Christian  Horn
Immobilienfachberater OÖ/SBG

E c.hornAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at
Fr.  Manfreda Jaklitsch
Immobilienfachberaterin Salzburg Land

Mr. Christian Knar
Gebietsleiter Wien/Niederösterreich

E c.knarAT_SYMBOLpoetsch-immo.at

roperty management

Ms. Verena Richter

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Wertheim, MPA, lic.iur.
Mr. Peter J.  Wertheim, MPA, lic.iur.
Hausverwaltung – Assistent

Ms. Marion Hirschmüller
Hausverwaltung – Assistentin

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