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The property management of Poetsch Immobilien is characterized by good cooperation, detail orientation and transparency. Outsource your administrative work to a professional property management company. We represent your interests!

Poetsch Property Management

We represent the interests of property owners within the framework of the statutory provisions. Personal contact and a trusting relationship between you as the owner and us - the property management - are of great importance to us. Among other things, we take over the billing and calculation of the operating costs, the creation of reserves, the billing of heating and hot water costs, and much more. All of this is always transparent, efficient and economical.


  • For owner associations & homeowners
  • For home ownership
  • For commercial areas

The tasks are carried out in accordance with the statutory provisions of the ABGB (general statutory code), the current WEG (residential property law).


Extract of the services that are agreed upon in writing:

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Administrative processing 

  • Management of bookkeeping (fiduciary accounting) according to commercial principles
  • Creation of an operating and heating cost bill
  • Prescription & control of the payments to be made
  • Dunning processes
  • and much more

Technical handling 

  • Inspections and checking the state of preservation of your house and property
  • Damage processing in the event of damage & complaints (e.g. insurance damage)
  • Obtaining cost estimates
  • Offer control, as well as control of the work carried out
  • and much more

General Administration 

  • Holding a house meeting
  • Contracts (conclusion and control of support, maintenance and service contracts)
  • Representation of the home owners association in front of authorities and offices
  • and much more

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